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Instructions for Discussion Egypt and The KA

Instructions for Discussion Egypt and The KA - Absolutely...

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We will have a two part discussion this module: Part 1. Express your belief about death. Do we agree with the Egyptians about the existence of the KA? Is there really such a thing as a soul that needs a place to live? Or, as some 20th century philosophers think, we are a bag of chemicals worth about $24. When we die," thats all folks". As Woody Allen proclaims in Hanna And Her Sisters , "Death Shmeath, is the corned beef good or isn't it?". The idea here may be that this is all there is, so enjoy. Or maybe there is something else, but how can we know until we get there? Is this Art History or a philosophy class? See part 2. In discussion #1, we will be sharing our beliefs. Please feel free to be an atheist, agnostic, or just plain unique here. I hope that we all are not going to be quoting scripture here, try to not preach, or proselytize.
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Unformatted text preview: Absolutely no insults, or disrespectful comments here, we are looking at the religious belief system of ancient art, and seeing what messege it holds for us. Mr. S. There are plenty of sites on the net that cover any belief system that you can dream up. Part 2. In discussion #2, we will back up our particular belief with an artwork that expresses our faith. Choose an artwork in the text, OR Online ( Give a website ). I have used the Gero Crucifix on page 167 of the text as an example. Each of you must then respond to one artwork submitted to the class discussion. Do some research on the chosen artwork that you are responding to. Search the net for an artwork that expresses your philosophy, and share with the class. You may use Native American, Buddhist, New Age, Existentialism, Scientology, etc. Mr. S....
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