Mini-Lecture 1 Art of Ancient Near East

Mini-Lecture 1 Art of Ancient Near East - supernatural...

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This area is known as Mesopotamia. It is where the earliest Bible stories of Abraham, Noah; and countless wars between rival groups take place; and may be the setting for the Garden of Eden. It is the core of a region known as the Fertile Crescent located around two great rivers, the Tigress; and Euphrates. Our recent problems with Iraq demonstrate how this region continues to play a part on the history's stage, with the current dictator, acting very much like an ancient king challenging outside enemies. Each city state had their own protecting King, and Gods which priests communed with in various rituals. On page 19, there are a few of these Gods; and Goddesses detailed. The link below has many images : Statues from Tell Asmar/ See Text The cylinder form of these figures differ from the block like figures we will find in Egyptian Art. Notice how their eyes are in a tracelike gaze, communing with a
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Unformatted text preview: supernatural force. The Stele of Hammurabi/ See Text This cylinder describes the codes of law put in place by this Mesopotamian king. Here we see him with the Sun God, Shamish. There is a great deal of realism of the figures in this 7" high black-asphalt stele. Dying Lioness Mesopotamia was a very violent place. Groups were constantly fighting over resources such as land and water. Read the Old Testament if you want a picture of life in this ancient time. There are very few images of compassion towards fellow men. This image of a dying lioness in agony demonstrates a compassionate view towards this poor creature. The blood is portrayed pouring out of her wounds. Later in the course, we will see images of Christ that will recall this unique image....
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