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Mini-Lecture Part 1 Aegean Art

Mini-Lecture Part 1 Aegean Art - collaboration which can...

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Mini-Lecture Part 1/ Aegean Art This chapter introduces the student to the Aegean and the rich literature and traditions which made up the Aegean. This is the land of Homer's Iliad , an epic poem that retold a story of love, deceit, passion and war. This is the tale of Paris and Helen of Troy, wife of Menelaus of Sparta; it is the Trojan Horse and Odysseus. This is also the story of the pettiness of the gods, taking sides and betrayal. This chapter which introduces the student to the importance of archaeology and how that discipline can prove truth from myth, also demonstrates the need for interdisciplinary
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Unformatted text preview: collaboration which can only increase the body of knowledge. The Aegean is important, not only for its uniqueness, but also because this is the forerunner of European civilization. This is important to gain an understanding of the cross-cultural paths that met in this area via the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas as conduits of trade and warfare. The student will see the dispersion of ideas and artistic trends and motifs as vehicles to re-create new traditions and motifs to fit into the aesthetic canons of those trading groups. Concepts and visual motifs will be dispersed and re-used to evolve further....
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