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Mini-Lecture Part 3 African Art

Mini-Lecture Part 3 African Art - phenomena which existed...

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Mini-Lecture Part 3/ African Art This chapter introduces the student to the diverse populations, which is Africa. The student will investigate the topography of the country itself. The impact the geography had on the founding cultures. This chapter will acquaint the student with the great diversities of Africa: linguistically, culturally and ethnically. The student will meet the earliest formative cultures of Africa. This chapter presents the worldviews and belief systems, which were of extreme importance to these peoples. This chapter explains the African view of art and its daily function. Art was a vehicle for visual definitions of the
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Unformatted text preview: phenomena, which existed in the landscape of African daily life. Art became the tool for ancestor worship; sculpture was the medium to create a convention for conservative replication of a concept that was then used to create a dialog with the spiritual realm. The student will examine the use of the visual imagery for statecraft, the explanation for kingship. The student will also be introduced to the problems of the illegal trade in African art and artifacts. This chapter touches upon the need for better control of the trade in African artifacts and the consequences to the scholarship if such controls are not implemented....
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