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Mini-Lecture Part 4 The Art of South and Southeast Asia

Mini-Lecture Part 4 The Art of South and Southeast Asia -...

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Mini-Lecture Part 4/ The Art of South and Southeast Asia The subcontinent of India is a multicultural grouping of peoples and unique countries. The makeup of this vast geographic area is India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Tibet, Bangladesh and the island nation of Sri Lanka. India's art and architecture shows a diverse style yet there is a certain similarity. Certainly religion has played a tremendous
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Unformatted text preview: role in the development of an Indian style. There is a diversity of religions in India, which have co-existed sometimes peacefully and sometimes not. The Buddhist tradition originated in India and became highly influential not only in Southeast Asia but also throughout the world. These topics will be examined and the student will see the great diversities, which are India and Southeast Asia....
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