Mini-Lecture Part 1 Early Medieval Art

Mini-Lecture Part 1 Early Medieval Art - acquainted with...

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Mini-Lecture Part 1/ Early Medieval Art This chapter presents to the student the Early Medieval Period, no longer known as a dark period simply existing between Classical Rome and Renaissance Italy. This chapter deals with Europe after the fall of Rome. It discusses the split of the empire into two distinct units, the East and the West. This chapter chronicles the development of medieval Europe following the long period of development ca. 500±1000 A.D. The student will be introduced to the "dark ages" and an alternate definition will be presented which might perhaps refute that title. The student will be introduced to the monastic tradition, which was responsible for the maintenance of the antique resources that might have been lost through the vandalism of the invading barbarians. The student will be re-
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Unformatted text preview: acquainted with Imperial Rome and how this icon, Rome, was re-defined into "barbarian" lexicon . The student will also be presented with the influences coming from the invading barbarians. This period roughly 500 years in length describes the development of Europe into separate states and entities. Not yet fully formed as Europe is today; however, this period does slowly lead to that formation. There are migrations from the East that account for much of the unrest. Powerful groups of peoples migrated and settled in the remnants of the domain of the Roman Empire, there was a fusion of images, motifs and perceptions synthesizing together the heritage of the Christian, Greco-Roman and the Barbarian....
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