Mini-Lecture Part 2 Romanesque Art

Mini-Lecture Part 2 - Benedictines of Cluny and the Cistercians under the leadership of St Bernard of Clairvaux The Papacy under Innocent II

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Mini-Lecture Part 2/ Romanesque Art This chapter introduces the student to the eleventh and twelfth centuries in Western Europe. These were centuries of expansion, economic revival, clearance of wastelands, increasing population, growth of towns and communal governments, and development of a money economy. The Crusades to the Holy Land to win back the Holy Sepulchre brought the Europeans into closer contact with the more developed cultures of Islam and Byzantium and encouraged the development of trade. The renewed touch with classical scholarship that had been kept alive by the Muslims stimulated western thinking and encouraged the establishment of universities. Old monastic orders were reformed and new ones were founded, the two most important being the
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Unformatted text preview: Benedictines of Cluny and the Cistercians under the leadership of St. Bernard of Clairvaux . The Papacy , under Innocent II, reached its height. Feudalism developed in this period that is a system of liege lord and vassal . A relatively few powerful men were governing the lands and there was a chain of command, which these powerful men maintained. During the expansion of the European towns, churches were also constructed to support the religious needs of the communities. This was a period where men reigned supreme ; however, there were some very extraordinary women who emerged from the shadow of their male counterparts. These women created testaments to their intelligence and perseverance ....
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