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Renaissance 3 DOCUMENT by: Bruce Schwabach Subject: Mini-Lecture Part 3/ The High Renaissance in Italy Summary: Sixteenth century Italy saw the Protestant revolt against the Papacy and the practices of the Church that were corrupt. The abusive practice of selling church positions, indulgences (pardons for sins committed) and the lavish lifestyles of the Church hierarchy caused dissention within the ranks. The Reformation or reform movement stated by Martin Luther resulted in a complete brake with Rome and the formation of the Protestant sects, for example, Lutherans and Calvinists. In addition to the religious revolt, the Papacy was also combating the loss of secular power as well. The European monarchies resented papal interference in the affairs of the their respective countries. The list of monarchs and countries, which broke with Rome, produced a proactive response from the papacy. The Council of Trent (1545±63) initiated reforms and supported Church doctrine, which countermanded many of the Protestant issues. The
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