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T HE  R ECIPE   FOR  S PICY  T EMPURA  R OLLED  S USHI Ingredients: shrimp tempura  sushi rice  avocado slices  cucumber cut into strips  chili paste  mayonnaise  sesame seeds  seaweed paper  Instructions:    1. On a bamboo mat with saran cover, put an entire sheet of seaweed paper and scatter the  sushi rice around the paper with wet hands.  2. Spread the sesame seeds on the sushi rice  3. Flip the seaweed paper  4. Put shrimp tempura, cucumber sticks and avocado horizontally  5. Put some chili paste on top of the cucumber sticks and avocado  6. Put some mayonnaise on the shrimp tempura, cucumber sticks, and avocado  7. Tuck your thumbs under the mat to roll the sushi and squeeze the sushi firmly  8. Remove bamboo mat with saran cover and slice the sushi with a wet knife into six pieces 
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Unformatted text preview: Click this link to see the recipe on another Web site Flower 1 Flower 2 Flower 3 Flower 4 1. What is the recommended technique for page layout? Excellent layout requires thrilling layout concepts, accurate colors and true and effective aspects such as white areas, contrast, and balance. 2. Why might there be table tags if you look at the source code for amazon.com, Ebay, or some other Web sites? Table tags were a Web designers method for page design prior to the arrival of style sheets. Merely the simplest page designs were achievable if there arent any tables. On the page aspects couldnt be included in different locations....
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EditedWebPageWithTables - Click this link to see the recipe...

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