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Module 4 - Team Building Competency - Prime Donna Activity It is really important for a Sales Leader to understand his/her sales team's issues, concerns, demands and needs. This is because for a sales team to be able to sell more it must be given more in terms of fulfilling their needs and demands. This is because out of all the professions, selling is one of the major professions that has very different standards from others. Every other profession has an expected finish date, line or a task; sales is the only profession that sees no limits. Sales people can be best at what they sell but they all have different ways of approaching and closing a sale. Sales people often face a dry and dead days or months where their performance is not very well. This can happen due to several reasons which they do not have complete control over. However, in the case of Prime Donna, where Lowe’s performance is at stake; myself being a sales leader would like to take several steps before considering or concluding a final verdict about his performance. 1. Reviewing the method and ways of how he is being motivated is my first step. Finding out what motivates them is important because it is only the motivation that drives a sales person. Motivation thrown at a sales person can prove to be a best initiative towards better performance. 2. Knowing the entire story of why his performance is not well is the second step. This is because maybe there is some personal issue that is bothering him that is preventing him for being result oriented. If not a personal issue but something product related that is preventing him to make the required effort into sales calls and meetings. 3.
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Discussions all - Module 4 - Team Building Competency -...

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