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Questions 1. How fundamentally different is the role of the sales force in addressing these new customer needs from that of addressing the needs of more traditional brokers? The case basically describes the different sales reps working in their own individual ways and using their own approaches while selling same products for the company. From all the information provided in the case, there seems to be a problem with the needs of consumers having different type of needs for products offered by the company. There is also a great need for a good informational session for the sales force where they can be trained with information in common. Sales people should be able to sell similar or same products for an organization with equal knowledge about the problems. Once such product knowledge is gained they can individually work on satisfying individual customers or clients. Lastly, as its mentioned that decentralized decision making process is the key that needs to be worked on to bring out great results. There needs to be a decision making process or a pipeline created which can make sure
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Sahilkumar_Patel_mod1_assign.xlsx - Questions 1 How...

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