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1. How can Bloom re-motivate MacMillan? Ans: Considering that MacMillan is simply seeing a significant change in his life with the new born; it is quiet important that Bloom considers his position in this case. Simply because if MacMillan was performing well 2 years before basically showed his interest in performing well for his own good and the company's better. If his performance has taken a downfall in the recent months because of this new addition to his family is quiet explanable. Being a first time father is a pleasant yet quiet a stressful joy. Chances are that even if he is willing to work the same hours he is possibly not getting the time to work his schedule on the go with all that he already has on his place. Therefore, Bloom should have a face to face conversation first. If during that discussion Bloom finds that Macmillan simply needs some time off to figure his family (2-3 weeks) he should be given that time. Simply because a top performing employee or a sales rep is much better than an exhausted one. If money plays the motivation factor now that MacMillan has a new member in his family; Bloom should consider offering him a better commission structure for him to make more. These are the primary things that should usually solve this case because in this scenario there is not a huge deal why is he not performing. Simple chats with him will help Bloom resolve this situation really well. 2.
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Sahilkumar_Patel_mod11_assign - 1 How can Bloom re-motivate...

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