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Disc 1 --IDRL -- Completed - systematic manner Although it...

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Disc 1 As a student of Industrial Relations, I would really disregard the comments from those Canadians who find it contentious or offensive. Collective Bargaining is a tool or a method used by industries today to find better and satisfied resolutions among the workers and the management within an organization. It is used for several changes to be made for the good of any company operations (TOP to BOTTOM). In this era where the demands of workers can be changing a collaborative team such known as a “Union” can negotiate or bargain with an organization in a way that it’s fair for both parties to make some particular change possible. Employees have a right to make changes to their working life as newer and newer problems are recognized and collective bargaining is simply a way to make those changes happen in a
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Unformatted text preview: systematic manner. Although it is great to have a union, it is also sometimes damages the company operations, reputation, and several other aspects of an organization. After all Union is formed by people and there are always one too many who like playing favorites or have personal intentions to fulfill. Yet I still believe that in this system of industrial relations; collective bargaining is a key element to have healthier relations among the workers (heart of a company) and the management (the soul of a company). Lastly, I believe that because we are living in a world today that has problems on “sick industries”, “strikes”, “high employee turnovers” it is really important that each organization be a part of the process of collective bargaining in order to maintain strong working industrial relations....
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