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Section 1 - Assignment - Scenario - Sahil Patel Module 1...

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Sahil Patel Human Resources Scenario Module 1 Section 1 Date: SCENARIO – BUILDING A HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT AT REDWOOD INDUSTRIES LTD. 1. What factors have led Don and Debra to consider establishing a role for a human resource practitioner? What human resource functions are required? How will these support the goals of Redwood Industries? Form the above scenario; it is clear that the business owners are draining their energies by wearing too many hats. This is normally the most common mistakes growing business owners make while planning ahead in the interest business growth. In this particular case, it looks like the company is compromising their cost factor and is trying to minimize the costs by not hiring someone with HR experience. This at the beginning was seen as a cost efficient way of handling the worker related matters. However, after the sexual harassment complaint and the resolution, it was clear that there is a huge need for someone who actually is well known of the employment laws. This is simply because if something like that happened in the future, the company could lose its reputation and corporate image in the market before even getting where they plan to. Due to such cases if the company falls in court problems the company might face a lot of financial damage too. For this instance they were lucky that the matter was settled out of court. The two key HR functions required by the organization are Improving Organizational Culture and Development of Work Policies. These are the two functions I see that the company requires the most at the moment. However, as time goes on the company will need more and more HR interference and other functions will come along. Firstly, the company needs to get someone who can start building a strategy to actually improve the organizational culture. This will help the firm to recognize their weaknesses, improve them, and continue operating with new strategies on board. Secondly, the organization needs to work on building several work related policies that the employees are bound to follow. This will actually create discipline among the workers and will lead to better productivity levels for the organization. By creating such policies the company will also
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Section 1 - Assignment - Scenario - Sahil Patel Module 1...

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