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Section 2 - Assignment - Scenario - Sahil Patel Section 2...

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Sahil Patel Human Resources Scenario Section 2 Assignment 2 Date: It looks like in this scenario, the club is basically in the need to maintain their key focus on how to cost efficiently make the services available to as many people as possible without losing the service quality factor. In doing so and maintaining the service factor, the club needs to outline some of the key objectives and then relate them to their mission by taking appropriate strategic approaches. The following section includes some of the objectives and goals as I see the organization is seeking to fulfill. With a lot of diverse information given that state several objectives I have drawn out some of the key ones as I see below that the club need to outline and follow; in the interest of developing a strong value and clientele. To ensure that the club remains financially viable. To provide quality service. Retain Current and Capture Potential Customers To provide a quality and safe facility for pleasure boaters in a cost effective manner. Strategies vs. Objectives
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Section 2 - Assignment - Scenario - Sahil Patel Section 2...

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