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Sahil Patel Human Resources Scenario Section 3 Assignment 3 Date: Recruitment Plan Check List Using the checklist provided below identify where you will recruit to fill the vacant position. Some sources are more expensive than others. The objective is to attract a large enough pool of qualified applicants so that you can make a good choice. Attracting too many applicants or people who are not qualified wastes both time and money. Experienced recruiters frequently establish a ratio as part of their recruitment plan. This identifies the number of candidates they wish to attract for every position to be filled. (Example: 250:1 or 250 applicants to fill one position) The more selective you wish to be in making your final selection, the higher the yield ratio should be. Remember that successful recruiting means matching the type of job you are typing to fill to the most appropriate sources of qualified candidates. SOURCES OF CANDIDATIES YES NO Internal Job Posting YES External Referrals from current employees YES Former Employees NO Advertisements YES Private Employment Agencies NO Canada Employment Centers NO Job Fairs and Other Special Events NO University and College on-campus Recruiting YES Student Internship or Co-Op Placements YES Customers of the Company NO Unsolicited Applicants NO Professional Associations YES
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Sahil Patel Human Resources Scenario Section 3 Assignment 3 Date: Other (Any other source that I missed?) 1. Briefly describe why you made these choices. What do you hope to gain from your picks? Using the legal requirements model provided on Information Sheet # 2 review your recruitment plan for both direct and indirect discrimination. Internal Job Postings often brings out the best talent that already resides within an organization. It is the best way to attract employees within a firm to actually see the potential of growth. It gives them the opportunity to grow with the company as well as adds a lot of value to the employees. By choosing the option of hiring from within each and every component to bring the best matching employee is achieved very closely or perfectly. It also reduces the company’s training costs that otherwise would be a lot if hiring from elsewhere (externally). Referrals given from current employees are also a key component that can closely match the needs of a company when looking to hire externally. This is because the employees suggesting a candidate for a particularly for the role has a better idea of what the ideal match would be. This is basically an example of having free recruiting from your current employees. It is always better to take some profile into consideration that is given by a current employee rather than relying on a recruitment agency that does it for you. Advertisements are important yet sometimes not the best option to make a hiring call but it
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Section 3 - Assignment - Scenario - Sahil Patel Section 3...

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