Section 6 - Assignment - Scenario

Section 6 - Assignment - Scenario - Sahil Patel Section 6...

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Sahil Patel Human Resources Scenario Section 6 Assignment 6 Date: Scenario Darrin Allen is the owner of a thriving small business which does customer upholstery for boat interiors (mainly power and sail boats used for pleasure). He is located in a small town in Central Ontario and has a shop and office with 300 meters of warehouse space behind it. He employs 42 people. Darrin turned 50 in March and has his first heart attack 3 weeks later. It has been a stressful winter. He has worked long hours to expand his business. He has hired 6 new staff members since December. His daughter won a scholarship to study music in Europe and his son is barely passing the 10 th grade. His wife fell skating and broke her arm in January and his elderly mother has been hospitalized twice since Christmas. Many of Darrin’s staff are glad his company is expanding. The town’s major employee has announced plans to move to another community and many people will lose their jobs. His staff is worried about family members working for that employer. Darrin’s cardiologist told him his first heart attack was a warning. He has told Darrin to change his diet to more nutritionally balanced, to exercise and relax in the evenings (as oppose to going back to the office). He told
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Section 6 - Assignment - Scenario - Sahil Patel Section 6...

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