Section 8 - Assignment - Scenario

Section 8 - Assignment - Scenario - Sahil Patel Section 8...

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Sahil Patel Human Resources Scenario Section 8 Assignment 8 Date: Given a scenario outlining an organization’s Human Resource Practices, identify and recommend an appropriate evaluation approach for the Human Resource System in place. Scenario: Companion Case Inc. provides personal care (including health care, attendant care and companionship) on a temporary or long-term basis. Companion Care Inc. is owned by Sylvia Wright, a British-trained registered nurse who is originally from Jamaica. Four years ago, when Sylvie was affected by downsizing at the Community General Hospital where she worked for eight years, she saw a need by individuals who were ill, disabled or elderly and their families, for nursing, health and personal care which could take place in their own homes. Sylvia began recruiting other nurses, registered nursing assistants, child care workers, homemakers, etc., to fill positions in the homes of her clients. Sylvia is proud of the fact that she offers personal service by meeting and assessing each client herself, and matching them with a care provider according to their needs. Sylvia uses a software database application to organize her business process. Her company now has 300 clients in the Scarborough, East York, and Don Mills and other areas of metro Toronto. She has 76 care giving workers on her payroll. Each client completes an evaluation form on their caregiver at the end of the assignment period. Sylvia’s business can provide care for short-term (days, weeks) clients or on a long term (3
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Section 8 - Assignment - Scenario - Sahil Patel Section 8...

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