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Sahil Patel Media Literacy Assignment 1 How new is “New” Media? Media is an ever changing concept with only one prime motive. This motive is simply to promote and raise awareness on anything and everything that is of a value to an individual, people or a group of people. This is the prime motive of media. Promotion of such a kind can either be good or bad in terms of people’s opinion but the medium of different available media is always used to fulfill their need to promote or raise awareness. Since the past 200 years, the media has played a key importance in promoting issues, events, topics products etc through different methods and mediums. Media always had a strong existence in the past years and it still is the same today. However the mediums of using and presenting have changed. When looking at the history, there were only newspapers, flyers, word of mouth, and public speeches considered as the mediums of promoting and raising awareness to a given issue, topic or a product. It was not until the radio came out and was available to everyone that the media and promotion took over the medium of audio commercial. After that was the television era when people started to see commercials in the black and white screens that created a big buzz in the world of commercial media marketing and promotion. It started picking up its speed with the increasing popularity of television that we soon started to see celebrities promoting products and events. In this sense, the celebrities were being used as a media promotion tool as well. This is how the media changed their way on improving the efficiency of media based promotion and marketing. Today, we are seeing the same things today with the same prime motive of raising awareness and promotion. Today the mediums of promoting a product have changed. The idea of How, When & Where to promote has changed with the emerging raise in technological improvements. This may have changed the way we look at the media today but the motive is still the same as we had in the earlier days; Promotion and Raising Awareness. My point is very clear that every old media was once upon a time new with only one motive and interest. Therefore, today the
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Sahil Patel Media Literacy Assignment 1 new media might be different in terms of what is available to us technological wise but the intentions of using the media are still the same. Therefore, I totally believe that no matter how
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Assignment 1 - Media Literacy - Sahil Patel Media Literacy...

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