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Sahil Patel Assignment 2 Media Literacy “If you were in charge” The world of media is ever changing world. Today the change that we see in media is substantial. This is one of the reasons we see everything around us changing at a very fast pace. Media Literacy is a key aspect to our learning at a very early stage of our lives. This is simply because we have seen a lot of changes in the media platforms since the past 10-15 years and it still is continuously changing. Not too long ago media was not only very influencing to us it is today. This was because the media awareness was only available through limited sources. Today with its changing platforms, it continuously is changing our lives every moment. All of a sudden in a matter of years we are now getting addicted to the media trap that involves a lot of mediums we are surrounded by. Today these mediums are changing day by day and introduce us with newer platforms of its use. With such extensive use of these platforms we are constantly influenced every second of our lives. Especially the children are mostly influenced by the media ever since they first start understanding. At such an age their power of grasping is very strong and gets influenced by things they see much quickly than ever. Today, we see kids watching television shows over the television more than ever. For a nation like Canada where the weather is not quiet suitable enough for them to go out and play; the kids tend to spend a lot of time over the internet and television and other multimedia mediums of media. Television shows, cartoon shows, multimedia devices like “ipods” and more keep them busy with the media interaction more than ever. This gives them a chance to interact with the good and the bad media. Therefore, they need to be given proper education to understand Media much more in detail to decide for themselves as to what is there in the market; what is good/bad and how to react to what they see. These things are important for them to understand as not very soon they will completely drown in the trap of media. Media is throwing so much information via
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Sahil Patel Assignment 2 Media Literacy several mediums that are available to the kids today that it is very hard for recognize when, where and how kids are influenced by them. Therefore, in order for them to understand the world of media and be picky on what to choose out of these million things available over the media platform; media literacy is the key element required in schools today. Today when the kids are interacting with the media a lot, the time difference when comparing that time with the time they are being educated about the media is basically zero hours for the education. This is not a good sign for the coming generation as if they continue to be influenced by the media so much they will not gain the complete knowledge on how to be selective on what to read or interact with. Children today are watching televisions, radios, internet and other media platforms simply for entertainment
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Assignment 2 - Media Literacy - Sahil Patel Assignment 2...

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