Media Literacy - Discussions 1-13

Media Literacy - Discussions 1-13 - 1 My Perspective on the...

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1. My Perspective on the Media Today – The Past vs. The Present I feel that the Media interference is growing day by day to the extremes. Today, we have media interference in almost everything we do. It’s an indirect yet the most critical part of our daily lives whether we realize it or not. In the early days, the media was there for information based only. These included news, radio functions, operas, etc. Today, the media influence has risen to another level. We in today’s world are puppets of media. I can say that because whatever is presented by the media that seems appealing to us, we are following its lead. From food, clothing, electronics, news, and even lifestyle; we are strictly interested in accepting what the media tells us is best for ourselves. The biggest change in the media of the early days till today is the change in Businesses Using Media. Today, the media is used at its maximum by no one other than businesses. Whether it is a small business or a large business, the media is the only medium (now that there are several mediums available when it comes to media) that business use to influence people around the world. With the ecommerce world we are all a part of, such media influences are so common that we fail to realize that we are being influenced every second of our lives. I totally believe that the media interference and influence is rising day by day and totally feel the need for general population to be literate on what media really is and how is it modifying out thoughts, ideas, plans, and decisions almost every second of the day. 2. Different uses of Media by different people. Why do they use so and so media for their own benefits? Media is one of the strange subjects that when it comes to deciding what people use it for it is a wide variety of people you can differentiate from with their individual uses of Media. Firstly, we all know that a lot of people use mediums such as news papers, news channels, television shows, radio programs, etc. These mediums are there to inform and/or entertain the people for their own interests. However, today in the world where media is simply not a medium to inform or entertain based on the true face of media; it is all about the commercialization of Media and its mediums. For example, a person reading the Globe and Mail for 15 years is making a choice individually that he/she is only open to one and only one kind of news paper. This may be because of several reasons. For Example; Brand faithfulness (G&M is a big brand out there), or BBC is the best news channel out of all. Such statements gives viewers and choosers of mediums a chance to pick which commercially presented medium do they wish to choose from. By doing so these people do not realize it because of the lack of media literacy but they are simply denying to accept the great path of choosing several news channels, or newspapers to be open to all kinds of different point of views given by all different mediums (selective approach). Therefore, I must say media today is used by people for
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Media Literacy - Discussions 1-13 - 1 My Perspective on the...

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