Media Literacy - Unit Questions (1,2,3)

Media Literacy - Unit Questions (1,2,3) - Sahil Patel...

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Sahil Patel Understanding Media Literacy Unit Questions (1,2,3) Unit 1, Question 5: Single Day Media Log Firstly, media interaction is a key element of our daily lives. Personally, I use media in several ways throughout the day. Whether it would be television, news papers, radio, internet and many others; I get in interactions with media almost every second of my day. In this study of tracking a single day media log for myself I realized how dependent I am on the media for several different reasons. After realizing that I now happen to believe that without any media interaction my day would be nothing but full of surprises. Firstly, I start my day with checking the weather. I use my cell phone for that or view the City Pulse 24 channel to get myself updated on how the day will look as far as weather is concerned. This is the very first use of media that is in my daily routine. Secondly, I read the daily “Metro Newspaper” while commuting to work. When reading the newspaper the key pages I visit is the front two pages and the last two pages. Mainly because the front two covers for the big topics/news in the society and the last two pages contain several entertaining topics such as Horoscopes, Crosswords, and Lottery Numbers. This being the reason I also use news paper for multi purposes. Thirdly, reading the billboards and advertisements on the bus and subway is yet another way I see myself interacting with the media. While at work media interaction plays a key role in all aspects with the required research over the internet. With the use of internet it is really convenient to perform several tasks that are demanded by my job that otherwise would have not been possible or would have taken a long time to fulfill the needful requirements of the job. Websites, pop ups over the web, advertisements in the headers and margins on those websites are all part of interaction with the media via Internet and I constantly interact with them throughout my day at work. When at home I use the media to watch movies, television shows and study where internet and television both play a key role as means to media interaction. Hence, after having a log for my daily interaction with the media I found that I am really
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Media Literacy - Unit Questions (1,2,3) - Sahil Patel...

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