Media Literacy - Unit Questions (4,5,6)

Media Literacy - Unit Questions (4,5,6) - Sahil Patel Media...

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Sahil Patel Media Literacy Unit Quest 4, 5, 6 Unit 4, Question 2: Advertising Strategies Advertising strategies have been used ever since the old times by the use of different means to effectively sell the products and services to the people. However, the means have changed for the media on how, what, when and who to present the products and services to sell faster and better. “Trends and Advertising” simply talks about these changing trends in the different uses of advertising strategies and how different they are today compared to the past years. The video talks about and describes several advertising strategies used over the media that are the key attention grabber for viewers. It talks about strategies that the media delivers regardless of us subscribing them or searching for them. This means that the advertising strategies are using artificial intelligence as a key to identify our needs, wants, desires and demands and provides us with what we want even before we actually approach to find them. There are several ads that the video speaks about. These include magazines, website banners, billboards, commercials on the TV and over the internet. TO me the most effective strategies used by the media is the internet and the ecommerce market of advertisements. This is simply because with the help of all Artificial Intelligence it is very easy for websites to target audiences without having the need to ask questions or identifying suitable markets to sell their products. It is true that the media follows us as consumers wherever we go and in a way that we do not have much control over how they follow us. This is one point that Berger has identified in the video that I do witness every day. There are several advertisements that we cannot ignore when they follow us. Being in the subway where there are tons of bill board advertisements or the ones in the public washrooms are just
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Media Literacy - Unit Questions (4,5,6) - Sahil Patel Media...

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