Media Literacy - Unit Questions (7,8)

Media Literacy - Unit Questions (7,8) - Sahil Patel Media...

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Sahil Patel Media Literacy Unit 7, Question 2: Alternative Media Media has its own mediums and types. It can be a bigger medium and have a lesser attention or it can be a smaller medium but a lot of attention from people. Media can be alternative or mainstream but they all at one point are the same. This is because no matter what type of media form you are looking at it simply is sending a message. That’s that prime motive of any form whether it be alternative or mainstream. However, alternative media is all about providing more and more detailed information via several methods and resources. It deals with information provided on a certain issue from different resources available to get any particular information on a chosen topic or an issue. Alternative media can be used for research based learning. When there is an issue that needs to be researched that is largely spoken or talked about and the perceptions of different people affect the process of efficient research it is the alternative media forms that can better assess the given topic or issue. Mainstream media can be strictly controlled by a group of people where not a lot of detailed information is leaked and there is not much talk about. Whether it is intentional or unintentional but with mainstream media its only the main stream that control the flow of information passed through the general population. One does not have a control over what to believe and what not to believe because there are not many sources available for one to find differentiated
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Media Literacy - Unit Questions (7,8) - Sahil Patel Media...

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