Media Literacy - Unit Questions (9)

Media Literacy - Unit Questions (9) - Sahil Patel Media...

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Sahil Patel Media Literacy Unit 9 - Assessing Stereotypes in the Media There are several shows on the American television that represent stereotypes about people. Shows such as How I Met Your Mother, The Simpsons, and The Big Bang Theory are some examples. However, when talking about Big Bang theory; one can easily know by watching the show that it’s full of stereotypes. These stereotypes include religious, racial, sexual and several other stereotypes about people in general. It is the show where there is a stereotype attached to every character in it. It talks about stereotyping scientists, models/actresses, and many others. Big Bang Theory is a traditionally-shot sitcom about two physicists, Leonard and Sheldon; and the various situations they find themselves in with their friends, Raj, Howard, and Penny. The show began airing in September 2007 and has steadily attracted a wide audience, becoming the highest-rated live action comedy among the young- adults. One character on The Big Bang Theory who clearly falls into the territory of being a stereotyped
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Media Literacy - Unit Questions (9) - Sahil Patel Media...

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