Media Literacy - Unit Questions (11,12,13)

Media Literacy - Unit Questions (11,12,13) - Sahil Patel...

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Sahil Patel Media Literacy Unit Questions 11, 12, 13 Unit 12, Question 1 Sitcoms: The Simpsons – Statement 1 The Simpsons was a greatly influencing show of all times. The past reflects the popularity when it first came out. Talking about the 90’s the show had a lot of popularity because of an individual character; “Bart Simpson”. For its time then, the show definitely deserved its title it was awarded by the Times Magazine. Yet, I still think it was not the only reason why the it was given that title by Times. Firstly, Bart Simpson was a character that was influencing to a lot of people watching the show. This was because it was the lead character in a lot of the early seasons. Simpsons started a new trend of providing a lot of informative knowledge through the medium of “Cartoon”. This was a great trend that we see till date. Bart Simpson influenced the viewers in the earlier days by providing the political and ideological differences in North American culture during those times. Simpsons was not simply providing the viewers with a fun time watching sensible adult cartoon show but it provided the satisfaction to a lot of differentiated people that it soon became the only show that was competiting against a lot of other shows in different genre. Simpson was a mix of lot of different aspects that we normally see in and around our society with an addition to a good sense of humor and a lot of laughter. This mix gave people to actually see though a lot of good/bad things going on around us with a lot of laughter attached to it. This allowed a lot of them to actually adapt to newer concepts, ideas, and be democratic. Being a democracy we still were used to the olden conservative shows where we always had an image of a television show to be likewise and the way we live it every day. This changed with the change that Simpsons got in us. Today, the show has its own space in each and every genre and is still compared with a lot of other shows as it did back in the days. Simpsons and Flintstones two fantastic shows that changed the way we watch television in their own times. They brought significant changes to the society and the people around us who otherwise would have been influenced by the forced media from the government and other mediums. The application of alternative media was also inspired by the coming of Simpsons. This also influenced the generations from then till now on how we can choose to watch and decide for ourselves after studying several sources and not just one. Bart Simpson played a family man of a middle class family which was a key attraction point to all the middle class families in North America who were continuously inspired by the show and the character himself. There were several other television channels and shows that were against the show being a cartoon show that showed so many insides to every aspect that an average middle class family is surrounded by. That was one of the reasons the show was always in some kind
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Media Literacy - Unit Questions (11,12,13) - Sahil Patel...

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