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Assignment - Week 10 - Lemontonic and the Net

Assignment - Week 10 - Lemontonic and the Net - Lemontonic...

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Lemontonic and . NET: A Match Made on the Web Lemontonic is not just another Canadian Web site devel-oped within the Microsoft . NET environment. It is a Canadian online dating site that is active in Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia, as well as around the world. Based in Toronto, Lemontonic identified four challenges in the online dating industry for which the company felt instant messaging ( IM) was the answer. These challenges were con-nectivity ( eliminating blind dates), control ( selecting who can communicate with you), comfort ( sharing and involvement), and convenience ( instant connection). Unlike other online dating services that use e- mail, Lemontonic decided that its Web presence would revolve around instant messaging. Scott Rogers, vice president of marketing at Lemontonic, says, “ The reason I was so keen on starting this business was that I saw from my time at another online dating service that a number of consumer needs weren’t being satisfied. We wanted to make the online dating experience more lifelike and realized we needed to create a dating application that had both a Web component and an instant messaging com-ponent.” Rogers felt this would provide a more realistic and enjoyable way through which individuals could meet online. To do this, Lemontonic engaged Eidenai Innovations ( EI), a Canadian “ software solutions firm,” that is, an outsourcing consulting firm. EI was founded in 1999 by two IT profes-sionals, Sunil Abraham and Orren Johnson, with experience working in larger firms. EI has experience with some of Canada’s leading financial
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