Assignment - Week 11 - Canadian Gun Registry

Assignment - Week 11 - Canadian Gun Registry - Canadian Gun...

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Canadian Gun Registry: A Boondoggle or Simply a Complex Project? How can anyone— let alone a government— have a project estimated to cost about $ 2 million and then have the project costs be closer to $ 2 billion? That is the question. It begs another question: Who was minding the shop on this one? After 14 women were gunned down on the campus of L’École Polytechnique in Montreal in 1989, Canadians urged their government to put into place some form of gun reg-istry to control and track firearms in Canada. The legislation put forward would mandate that all gun owners comply with the gun registry by a specified date; if an unregistered gun was owned after that date, the owner would be in violation of the law. Bill C- 68, as the gun control legislation was known, was passed in 1995. The government budgeted $ 2 million ( after calculating revenue from registration fees) to develop the national gun registry information system to house registry data and to provide access to the data to law enforcement officials across Canada. As early as 2000, the Canadian Firearms Program ( CFP) issued a report stating that the costs to develop the gun registry were rising, due to backlogs in registration, fee waivers for early applications, and high error rates on appli-cations being submitted by firearms owners. By 2001, it was estimated that costs had risen to $ 527 million. The CFP blamed the computer system that it used to process the applications for the difficulty in tracking licence fees that had been collected. As early as 2004, the press was claiming that the cost of the registry system would rise to $ 2 billion. The Auditor General’s office investigated the
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Assignment - Week 11 - Canadian Gun Registry - Canadian Gun...

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