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4 6 environmental scanning forecasting prentice hall

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Unformatted text preview: ter 4 6 Environmental Scanning Forecasting Prentice Hall, Chapter 4 Benchmarking 7 Strategies for Managing the Environment Prentice Hall, Chapter 4 8 Changing Domains Rationing Internal Strategies Smoothing Recruitment Buffering Geographic Dispersion Prentice Hall, Chapter 4 9 External Strategies for Managing the Environment Advertising Coopting Contracting Coalescing Prentice Hall, Chapter 4 Lobbying 10 Management Practices and Cultural Differences • Power distance • Individualism or collectivism • Quality or quantity of life • Uncertainty avoidance • Long-term versus short-term Prentice Hall, Chapter 4 11 Levels of Social Involvement Social Responsibility Social Responsiveness Social Obligation Prentice Hall, Chapter 4 12 Customer Service and Quality Concerns Customer Satisfaction Prentice Hall, Chapter 4 Quality and ISO 9000 13...
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