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Unformatted text preview: Monitoring the Environment Prentice Hall, Chapter 4 1 Learning Objectives • Define the environment • Explain the importance of environmental scanning • Identify four environmental-scanning techniques • Describe the typical benchmarking process • Learn what managers can do to reduce environmental uncertainty Prentice Hall, Chapter 4 2 Learning Objectives • Review the five dimensions for analyzing national culture • Compare classical and socioeconomic view of social responsibility • Contrast social responsibility and social responsiveness • Review ISO 9000 and its implications for management practice Prentice Hall, Chapter 4 3 Defining the Environment Stable Dynamic Simple Complex Abundant Scarce Prentice Hall, Chapter 4 4 Environmental Uncertainty Customers Special Interests Competitors Suppliers Media Governments Prentice Hall, Chapter 4 5 Environmental Scanning Competitive Scenario Intelligence Development Prentice Hall, Chap...
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