blacksinentertainment - Blacks In Entertainment Part 1...

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Part 1) Questions on Vocabulary, Class Notes, Basic Concepts and Definitions - Purpose: When purpose is not known a base is inevitable. - “Ice Burg” = Surface, but the water underneath is the detrimental factor that might change first opinions. - In the 1960’s Brook famously categorized theater in four ways. 1) The deadly theater: commercial drama, motivated only by money, predictable, formulaic and unadventurous. 2) The Rough Theater 3) The Holy Theater: Brook compares the power of the holy theater to the power of music – both are absurd if considered logically but both make sense if we allow them to. 4) The Immediate Theater - Paradigm -> Pattern - Andy Stanley’s definition of leadership is “A leader is a person who steps up to the plate to manage the uncertainty. - Einstein’s definition of sanity: doing the same thing over and over again - Richest place in the world is the cemetery (broken dreams). - “Gods gifted you the ability of leadership” - Aristotle: The soul never thinks without a picture - “There’s nothing more beautiful than balance” - Vision without action is a day dream - Action without vision is a nightmare - Fear is the absence of information - Money -> Law - 10% Tithe/giveaway, 10% Invest (Return of investment), 10% Save – Nest egg, 70% Live off the 70% - 3 Types of Mentors. 1) Up Mentor 2) Peer Mentor 3) Down Mentor - 7 Lid Blockers. 1) My Optic thinking (close mindedness) 2) Unresolved Personal Issues 3) Character Flaws 4) Competency Concern (Lack Skills) 5) Limited Exposure 6) Frequent exposure to wrong people 7) Not believing in yourself - The mark of an effective leader is the ability to reproduce other leaders. - Vision: A great leaders courage to fulfill his or hers vision comes from passion not position. - Mission -> How you get to what you see. - A visionary is one who sees more than others see, further than other see, who sees what others do. - Proof of passion is pursuit - Characteristics of Vision 1) Vision stars within, If you like vision, look inside. 2) Vision draws on your history. Vision grows from a leader’s past & the history of the people around them. 3) Vision meets others needs. True vision is far reaching and if it has real value, it does more than include others, it adds value to others. 4) Vision helps you gather resources. The greater the vision, the more winners it has, it has the potential to attract “Everybody wants to be associated w/ greatness, and in life you don’t get the resources you need b/c you don’t think enough 5) Expand your vision How to Improve vision 1) Measure yourself a) how well you carry it b) ask people ( important people) what they think it is 2) Write it down, Evaluate it + best in you and everyone’s interest. - Vision gives you focus
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blacksinentertainment - Blacks In Entertainment Part 1...

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