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CS170 - Computer Applications for Business SPRING 2011 • Software Extra-Credit Assignment Due Date (to Sakai): Before 12:00 p.m., Monday, May 2 Evaluation: 10 points (extra-credit) The Hints Page ________________________________________________________________ Software Package Helpful Hints Page (read this page before you begin the assignment) ________________________________________________________________ Important Notes: 1. If your extra-credit file is more than one page (i.e., PhotoShop, Quicken), you must send the file as a compressed (zipped) file. Instructions on how to compress files will be presented in recitation. 2. File size is limited to 10MB; if your file is larger than this, you will have to modify it to take up less memory. 3. Do not wait until the last day of the semester to complete this assignment! Sakai will be experiencing heavy usage and you will have difficulty with access and submission. Do your work well before the deadline. _____________________________________________________________________________ Hints for Using the Extra-Credit Software Applications Packages InDesign Adobe InDesign is in the Applications folder on the Macintosh. On the PC, select Start Menu, All Programs, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe InDesign CS. • InDesign is a desktop publishing application. In particular, it is layout software used to create documents that combine text and pictures. For example, it is good for creating newsletters and magazine-like documents. Though you can enter text and draw simple pictures within InDesign, it is not meant to replace word processors and graphical editors (Paint and Draw programs). Rather, it is best used by importing text and graphics from other files and sources. • The key command within InDesign is the Place command, which allows you to import the information you are using from elsewhere. Besides being used for importing a file, the Place command is also used to select the exact location within the document where you want the image or text to appear. • InDesign also makes it easy to create multiple-column presentations or have a section of text end at some point in one column and automatically continue (flow) into another column - possibly on another page. You can do this by using the Handles that appear on the bottom of sections of text (you first need
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CS170-extracredithints - CS170 - Computer Applications for...

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