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Technology Education Lesson Plan Construction Terms Teacher: Joshua R. Speer Time Required: 50 minutes Behavioral Objectives : Upon completion of this lesson, the learner will: Describe what is meant by the term “construction.” Identify the purposes of completing a course in construction. Name and describe the key terms in construction. Set/Motivation : Ask students to contemplate a world without construction. Is it possible? Introduction : Construction relates back to the beginning of time. Without construction we would not have homes, businesses, the space program, and man other things. It is important to teach these skills to our students so they can make educated decisions about purchasing homes and completing other daily chores. Presentation of New Material: Indiana Curriculum 1. Construction Systems-18 Weeks Introduction to Construction Technology 10 Days Designing Structures 20 Days Buildings Construction 30 Days Constructing Civil Structures 15 Days Using Constructed Structures 10 Days
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