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Residential Construction - Technology Education Lesson Plan...

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Technology Education Lesson Plan Community Planning Residential Construction Teacher: Joshua R. Speer Time Required: 50 minutes Behavioral Objectives : Upon completion of this lesson, the learner will: Describe what a “Residential Construction” is. Identify the purposes of “Residential Construction.” Name and describe the key terms related to “Residential Construction.” Set/Motivation : Show a photo that illustrates construction pollution. Ask students how construction effects our environment, specifically residential construction. Introduction : Community planning is what make our towns work. It is an important job that requires time, money, and patience. Construction within our community can have several impacts. We have talked about residential construction but today let’s talk about the impacts construction has on our environment and they people involved. Presentation of New Material: Community Planners Planners develop long- and short-term land use plans to provide for growth and revitalization of urban, suburban, and rural communities, while helping local officials make decisions concerning social, economic, and environmental problems. Community planner earn on average $45,300 a year.
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Residential Construction - Technology Education Lesson Plan...

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