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Industrial Technology 278 Test #1 Study Guide Test #1 will consist of: 18 Multiple-Choice 5 Short-Answer 4 Matching _ 27 Questions = 60 Points Things to Know 1. Four types of construction: commercial, civil, industrial, residential 2. Proper construction component name: studs, trusses, sheathing, etc. 3. Dimension notation on plans 4. Know the three areas of a house 5. Architectural Symbols, be able to recognize them
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Know the different plans and what has to be on them. 7. Building Codes 8. What is the difference between a system built home and a stick frame home. 9. Definition of construction technology 10. Safety Rules 11. Elements of a Lesson Plan 12. Universal Systems Model 13. 7 Inputs of Construction...
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