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Ø0.5 2 Ø1 0.75 4X Ø0.75 THRU quantity symbol (quantifier) Four 0.75" diameter holes entirely through a surface. Word used as a symbol (through the whole thickness) Ø 5/16 3/4 3/8 - 16 UNC 1/2 second process on new line (indented) first process listed first second process - tapping. 5 ( ) 1.25 second process on new line (indented) GENERAL NOTES Symbols precede values (which might be implied, such as THRU) and are listed in logical order. For instance a hole must exist before threading, counterboring, countersinking, spotfacing, etc., so the hole spec predcedes the secondary process. Multiple process can be place on single line, or more commonly stacked on process per line. If in multiples, specific quantities are to be specified in symbolic form according to the current standards (2X, 4X, etc.). Prior practices
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