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Unformatted text preview: Completing Bill of Materials Block for an Assembly Drawing (transferred from info in part properties of .ics model) Each unique part should have one (and only one) item balloon for whole drawing. Place in view that best shows that item. Note: Color shaded rendering used here for illustrative purposes only. Do not use shading on engineering drawings. 3 1 4 2 5 Number Column could be: 1) A specification number for a std part (e.g. #5, #3) 2) A part number for a commercial part (e.g. #4) 3) A size spec for commercial stock (e.g. #2) 4) The drawing number for a detail drawing (e.g. #1) Information is transferred from part number field in part properties of .ics model. Item Column: Is derived automatically from .ics model. Order is same as order in Browser tree. Hence re-order items in tree to change order in BOM. Should be set to bottom-up display. Quantity Column: Is calculated automatically from quantity of parts having identical values in part number field in part properties of .ics model. Description Column: Info is nonnumerical description of part (e.g. #2-#4) OR title of detail drawing for that part (e.g. #1). Transferred from description field in part properties of .ics model. 5 4 3 2 NOM DIA .5 7000-06 1/2 - 12 UNC X 2.25 C3 X 4.1 X 8.00 1 1 1 1 EXT TOOTH LOCK WASHER AMCO BRAND HANDLE HEX HEAD BOLT C CHANNEL DESC 1 102 A 0001 ITM NUMBER TITLE 1 BLOCK QTY 1) All text in BOM should be UPPER CASE 12 pt. Arial only. 2) Column headers can be abbreviated as shown. 3) For class purposes, BOM is located ONLY above Title Block. ASSEMBLY EXAMPLE SIZE DWG NO REV ...
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