Finding surface area of one surface

Finding surface area of one surface - calculate volume For...

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To measure the area of a sheet metal part (or any other single surface) ( Bold are IronCAD commands/choices) 1. For a sheet metal part, Unfold the part. 2. Click repeatedly on the part until you have chosen only the surface to be measured (will be totally green). 3. With the surface green, choose Create/Surface Shape . 4. Click on the new surface (will have a blue arrow pointing upward from it’s anchor point). If you want, turning on the Tri-Ball and moving the Surface Shape will confirm that the Surface Shape is a totally different part from the sheet metal part) 5. Choose Tools/Analysis ; Choose the Area Tab, then hit the Compute button. The area in inches square will be shown. 6. After recording the area somewhere, select the surface shape again and Delete it (otherwise it would show up in the BOM). 7. Repeat for each sheet metal part. Be careful, this technique is fundamentally different from the way you used Analysis to
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Unformatted text preview: calculate volume. For volume, you selected the part (in blue) then chose Tools/Analysis to calculate part volume (Area was a tab there too). But, in this case you must make a 2D Surface part for IronCAD to give you the correct area (of one surface), NOT total surface area. The difference is that when you used Analysis before, you were in 3D and the Area tab under Tools/Analysis would give you the full surface area (known as ‘wet surface area’) of the 3D part. That value includes both sides of the metal part as well as the area of the edges. It is known as wet surface area because effectively it is the area of all surfaces that would become ‘wet’ were the part dipped in an electroplating tank. A Surface Part on the other hand is 2D only, having no third dimension (thickness). In that case IronCAD knows to give you only the area of one side....
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