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REV block example

REV block example - indent the second& subsequent lines...

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REVISION HISTORY REV DESCRIPTION DATE APPROVED B WAS CHANGED FROM DIA 4.00 10/8/03 ECO#1 C PART FROM DWG 102A00010 REPLACED WITH PART XXXX 10/10/03 ECO#1 ZONE E WAS CHANGED FROM DIA 5.50 10/12/03 BAH A CHANGED FROM CI TO SI PREFERRED NUMBER SYSTEM 10/1/03 ECO#1 Extend borders downward to fit. Rev Column: Start sequentially with A, B, etc. Do not use I, O, Q, S, X or Z. Place a corresponding symbol (with the letter inside) next to the change. Change Column: Record what was changed, not state after change. Multiple changes may be lumped together if a clear explanation can be written. Std abbreviations are acceptable. If multiple lines are necessary,
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Unformatted text preview: indent the second & subsequent lines. Date Column: Record date change occurred. Zone Column: Optionally add Zone column if using Zone method (see ANSI/ASME Y14.1). D WAS CHANGED FROM 6.005 10/12/03 ECO#2 Approved Column: Reference the authorizing Design Activity (the legal term for the responsible person, document or department) if specific change is required. If a change is made that is not specifically directed by ECO, use initials of the authorizing authority (you). As with all text on an engineering drawing, use only UPPER CASE text. For Rev Block, use only 12 pt. Arial. Completing Revision History Block...
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