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REV STATUS REV SH TITLE SIZE UNITS DWG NO REV DATE SHEET B <Double-click to enter drawing title.> DOE, JOHN SECTION X THE PRODUCTION DESIGN MATERIAL MATL UNITS 102BXXXX DESIGNER CHECKER SCALE DD/MM/YY X OF Y Designer: last name, first name Use LAB section number Checker: Leave blank When directed, place applicable default tolerances and other default info here Matl: Identify mat'l here for detail drawings. For assembly drawings, include mat'l ONLY if assembly is of all one material. Otherwise leave blank for an assembly drawing Paper size: Use same paper size as template size Projection method: Default is 3rd angle projection. Reverse symbols if using 1st angle projection Date: Date drawing is completed. Use DD/MM/YY Sheet: Only used for multiple sheets of a single drawing number. Delete X OF Y otherwise Title: Descriptive title
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Unformatted text preview: of drawing Rev: Leave blank Drawing No: In place of XXXX, add a 4-digit number starting at 0001. Use a unique number for each drawing. Drawing size is indicated in number by A or B Units: should be CI (Customary Inch - Decimal Inch) or SI (System International - Metric) Scale: Leave blank (not applicable on CAD drawing) Only B and A paper is available in lab. B-size paper is 11X 17 (also known as tabloid). A-size is 8 1/2 X 11. Use only MET 102 paper templates (A- template with A- paper and B- template with B- paper). DO NOT SUBMIT drawing printed on an inkjet printer or in color. user-supplied text is UPPER CASE 12pt. Arial (except Title & Drawing No.) and entered by editing existing text on template or using simple text blocks. Completing Draw i ng Title Block...
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