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C155-092111-LectureNotes - Quiz • Course material from...

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CNIT 15500 Fall 2011 Lecture notes for 9/19/2011 Prof. Harriger Announcements Grades current on lookup page o Don’t forget to go to essignments to review your grade sheets for labs Lab 04 o Submit to essignments next Monday, 9/26, 10 pm o Your Scratch animation for your fuel economy advisor o You’ll need to use the latest version (download and install on your H: drive) No one reminded me to review the quiz from Monday
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Unformatted text preview: Quiz • Course material from 8/22 through 9/20 Resources • http://info.scratch.mit.edu/About_Scratch • http://learnscratch.org/resources/why-learn-scratch Discussion topics 1. Review quiz from Monday’s class – understand various script blocks such as: 2. Review BMI calculator program 3. Answer questions about lab 4 (fuel advisor)...
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