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CNIT 15500 Fall 2011 Lecture notes for 10/17/2011 Prof. Harriger Announcements Make sure that I have your picture file Assignments o Review today’s notes o Review Chapter 5 o Complete practice lab assignment Quiz Course material from 8/22 through 10/12 Resources An Information Systems Approach to Object-Oriented Programming using Microsoft Visual C# Express, version 2.0 (Available from the Purdue Boiler Copy Maker center in Room 157 of the Purdue Memorial Union) Discussion topics Integer division vs Floating point division Rounding
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Unformatted text preview: • Manipulating Strings o Concatenation o IndexOf Method o Length Property o Substring Method o ToUpper Method o ToLower Method o LastIndexOf Method o Replace Method • Manipulating DateTime Data • Using the Math Class Methods (Table 4-9, page 4-32) • Relational operators • Boolean expressions o Comparing numbers o Comparing Booleans o Comparing strings o Comparing dates • Logical operators • Updated precedence table • Data validation o Guidelines o Types of checks o Order of checks...
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