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Scratch topics covered 1. Who uses computing? 2. Computational thinking a. What is CT? 3. Apply CT to some problems a. Guessing game b. Writing a short English paper c. Morning routine d. Making a PBJ/banana 4. What do programming languages do? a. What does the programmer do? 5. What are the basic steps in getting started with programming? a. Source code b. Compiler c. Syntax errors d. Machine code 6. Where does Scratch fit? 7. What is Scratch? 8. Why Scratch? a. 21 st century skills 9. Apply Scratch to the real world 10. The Scratch stage a. 2-dimension grid b. Horizontal range c. Vertical range d. Direction 11. Sprite communication a. How to do it b. Purposes 12. Planning a Scratch animation a. What sprites are needed? b. What sequence of actions should be shown? c. Which sprites dictate the actions of other sprites?
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13. To Do a. Identify the sprites and sequence of actions that depict my day, including five classes between 8 am and 5 pm, fitness, homework, and nutritional needs.
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C155-102011-MidtermReviewTopicsFall2011 - Scratch topics...

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