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Lab 00: Getting started CNIT 15500 Fall 2011 Prof. Harriger Due: Friday, 8/26/11, 10 pm 10 Points Description For this lab, use the Internet tools available to you to answer the questions below. Be sure to provide the reference used in correct APA format (see internet.html for examples). Your name, start lab time, lab 00, and date should appear at the top of your document. Questions to be answered Submit using essignments a document to Prof. Harriger that has the question text, your answers, and the reference citation where you found the answer for the following questions: 1. Provide a definition for computer programming that is 20 words or less, does not use the words “computer” or “programming” in the definition, and makes the term clear to novices. 2. What is an algorithm and how does it compare to a computer program? 3. Why is it a good idea to test your programs with sample data that includes valid and invalid data? 4.
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