CNIT155Lab04-UserInputAndMath - Lab 04: User input &...

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CNIT 15500 bring headphones to lab Fall 2011 Prof. Harriger Due: Monday, 9/26/11, 10 pm 10 Points Description You are going to continue using Scratch to create more advanced animations. We will use the features covered in the fifth sets of video lessons found on , along with all of the previous sets of videos. These lessons include more detailed explanations of mathematical operations. You should complete these video lessons to gain a firmer grounding of the topics below: UNIT 2: Operations Palette Arithmetic and random numbers Comparing numbers Logic operations Extra operations In-Lab Activity We will create a BMI (body mass index) calculator. The program will get the values for height and weight from the user to compute the BMI value using the formula: Based upon the resulting BMI, the weight status is determined by the range into which the BMI falls: Your program will display the BMI, weight status, and suggested advice. In addition, a character matching the weight status will appear. 1. To get started with today’s lab, create two costumes for the stage: a. A fairly blank background with textual instructions for the user
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CNIT155Lab04-UserInputAndMath - Lab 04: User input &...

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