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Lab 05: Getting started with C# CNIT 15500 Fall 2011 Prof. Harriger Due: end of lab, Tuesday, 10/4/11 10 Points Description You are going to create the carpet cost calculator following instructions in chapter 2 of the textbook. To get full credit, you will demonstrate the working application to your instructor as well as show the code, complete with comments following class standards. Part A Requirements (4 points) 1. Complete the Carpet Cost application as is described in Chapter 2. Part B Requirements (6 points) Modify your code for Part A to: 1. Name your solution file LnameFnameLab01, where Lname is your last name and Fname is your first name. 2. Include comments at the very top of the source code that contain your first and last name, course code (e.g. CIT 155), and the current semester. 3. Add a textbox to the user interface to allow the user to enter the tax rate. Note the user should enter the value as a whole number. E.g. if the users wants 7%, the enter "7.0" and not ".07". Set the Text property of this text box to "5.0" so that it defaults to 5%.
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CNIT155Lab05-GettingStartedWithCSharp - Lab 05: Getting...

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