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CNIT155Lab07-CSharpDecisions - Lab 07 C Decisions CNIT...

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Lab 07: C# Decisions CNIT 15500 Fall 2011 Prof. Harriger Due: Monday, 10/31/11, 10 pm 10 Points Description You are going to create a few calculators for lab 7 that you can compare to the calculators you created in Scratch for lab 4. To get full credit for the in-lab, you will demonstrate the working application to your instructor as well as show the code, complete with comments following class standards. In-Lab Activity We will create a BMI (body mass index) calculator. The program will get the values for height and weight from the user to compute the BMI value using the formula: After thorough data validation, your program will compute the BMI. Based upon the resulting BMI, the weight status is determined by the range into which the BMI falls: Your program will display the BMI, weight status, and suggested advice. Lab Homework For homework, you will create a calculator that will advise the user on the best fuel to purchase for a flex-fuel car. Design a form that allows the user to provide data for:
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