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Lab 08: C# Loops CNIT 15500 Fall 2011 Prof. Harriger Due: Monday, 11/7/11, 10 pm 10 Points Description You are going to add a new form object to your program and implement the repetitive control structure (loop). To get full credit for the in-lab, you will demonstrate the working application to your instructor as well as show the code, complete with comments following class standards. In-Lab Activity We will create a BMI (body mass index) table. The program will get the values for current height, current weight and goal weight from the user to compute the BMI value using the formula: After thorough data validation, your program will display a table of the BMI values as the weight changes from the current weight to the goal weight. Based upon the resulting BMI, the weight status is determined by the range into which the BMI falls: Your table will display the weight increment, BMI, and weight status in a listbox. Lab Homework
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