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Unformatted text preview: CIT 255: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Spring 2012 File IO Announcements Announcing PTI's 2012 SQL Server Webcast Series With the upcoming release of SQL Server 2012 later this year, PTI has created a series of one hour presentations designed to give you a sneak peek at all the exciting changes, updates and toolkits that Microsoft will be offering in this new version. Join our staff of presenters as they take you through; Master Data Services in SQL Server 2012, Enhancements to Reporting Services in SQL Server 2012, SSIS 2012 New and improved, Extended Events the death knell of SQL Trace, and much, much more. This series begins February 2, 2012 and continues each Thursday through March 29, 2012. See below for presentation details, then click on the banner above or go to PTI.net/Firestarter and register for any or all of the webinars today. Don't miss out on this chance to get ahead of the technology curve. http://editor.des05.com/vo/?FileID=66d3dbdb-f971-478b-a80b-7d69847bb050&m=de591ad6469e41459d01274e81a2d73a&MailID=22636453 Objectives Be able to derive the location of the application's directory Be able to dynamically generate the location of a file held in the application's directory Be able to confirm the existence of a file Assignments In Class Take the quiz Assignments Out of Class Read the Bonus portion of Chapter 7 in An Information Systems Approach to ObjectOriented Programming Read the Essentials portion of Chapter 9 in An Information Systems Approach to ObjectOriented Programming Copyright 2012 Ronald Erdei CIT 255 Spring 2012 Page 1 ...
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