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CIT 255: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Spring 2012 Copyright © 2012 Ronald Erdei CIT 255 – Spring 2012 Page 1 Laboratory 05 Announcements Crib for Lab 04 has been posted Final Examination: Saturday May 5 th from 1pm to 3pm in Smith 118 Lab Examination 01 next week o The only resource allowed is a single page of handwritten notes. You may use both the front and the back. o Textbooks may NOT be used. o Print-outs of past labs may NOT be used. However, you may include logic from these labs in your 1 page of handwritten notes. o The Internet may NOT be used. o You will NOT have access to your networked drive(s). o You will NOT be provided with a VS.NET template for this Lab Exam.
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Unformatted text preview: Be able to create a C# application from scratch as following course standards. Be able to name components as per the course naming standards. Objectives Be able to use the String.Compare method to compare two strings. Be able to implement a “comparer” class Be able to sort a collection of (custom class) objects using a (custom) comparer class Assignments – In Class Search online for information on the Compare method of the String class Read the posted article: Sorting a Collection of (Custom) Class Objects Complete the quiz. Assignments – Out of Class Lab 05 will be posted Friday after lecture. It is due on Wednesday. 2012.02.22 at 11:50 pm....
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